Why Delaware?

Why Delaware?

Delaware is the premier State for corporate and alternative entity formations.  The Delaware laws, court system and streamlined Division of Corporations are the major factors which draw people to Delaware.  Below is an excerpt from the Delaware Secretary of State, Division of Corporations website which explains this even further:

Why do so many companies incorporate in Delaware?

Businesses choose Delaware not for one single reason, but because we provide a complete package of incorporation [sic] services.  The Delaware General Corporation Law is the most advanced and flexible business formation statute in the nation.  The Delaware Court of Chancery is a unique 215 year old business court that has written most of the modern U.S. corporation case law.  Delaware’s State Government is business-friendly and accessible.  Our Division of Corporations [sic] is a model state-of-the-art efficiency and our staff provides prompt, friendly and professional service to clients, attorneys, registered agents and others.  These factors have all contributed to making Delaware a premier legal home to companies around the world.

Another resource for further statistical data and information is the Delaware Secretary of State 2010 Annual Report.  Please click on the following link to access the report on the Delaware Secretary of State’s website.  This report contains many interesting facts and figures to help you understand just why it is so many companies come to Delaware.

The Danneman Firm is here to help you with your Delaware needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact usWe are here for you.

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