Affordable Housing

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We draw on years dedicated to representing the Delaware State Housing Authority and closing almost every affordable housing transaction in Delaware during that time to provide advice to affordable housing developers developing or refinancing affordable housing properties utilizing tax credits, HUD financing, USDA Rural Housing financing and local housing finance agency financing. While Delaware receives a limited allocation of Low Income Housing Tax Credits, we and our clients have been fortunate to regularly close deals in Delaware as well as other jurisdictions.

In addition, we assisted a client on utilizing Federal Stimulus Funds through the ARRA Tax Credit Exchange Program, which was the first development in Delaware to use the new financing tool. Since then, we have also closed transactions that utilize both low income housing tax credits and solar tax credits.

We also manage Delaware’s Affordable Housing Blog.

We are fortunate to represent a combination of for-profit and not-for-profit affordable housing developers. To avoid conflict, we do not represent banks or syndicators in affordable housing transactions.