Summary of 2019 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Applications

The Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) received five applications for the 9% 2019 Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) for a total request of $4,477,667 LIHTC.  All of these projects are applying under the Family dwelling category.

Two non-profit applications (one of which is a New Creation deal) from (1) Housing Development Corp. MidAtlantic Inc for a 34 units deal in Smyrna requesting $657,772 LIHTC (also a New Construction and New Creation project) and (2) Diamond and Associates/ Connections CSP for a 53 units deal in Laurel requesting $1,000,000 LIHTC (also a Acquisition/ Rehabilitation, Preservation, and Artist Preference project)

Three for-profit deals from (1) Severn Development Company on behalf of Mispillion Station II for a 48 unit deal in Milford requesting $819,895 LIHTC (also a Rehabilitation, USDA, and Preservation project); (2) Compton Towne Preservation Associates, LLC for a 75 unit deal in Wilmington requesting $1,000,000 LIHTC (also a Rehabilitation, Section 8, and Preservation project); and (3) Pennrose, LLC on behalf of Riverside Housing Partnership I, LLC for a 74 unit deal in Wilmington requesting $1,000,000 LIHTC (also a New Creation, and New Construction project).

The full list is here: 2019 LIHTC Applications Received by DSHA

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